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Shawn Harressey

Branch Manager

I am a lifelong resident of NH. I am married now going on 24 years and have a beautiful wife and two awesome kids ages 18 and 15. My wife is originally from Massachusetts and as such we have many relatives who live there as well.

 As I have matured, in other words (gotten older). I have become more passionate about committing more free time to my family and to balancing my life.

 During my 35 + year career as a Professional Mortgage Consultant, I have helped thousands of people get into their first house and later into their second and third homes with safe affordable loan products. I have a substantial referral business but am constantly looking to add new business relationships.

These days, the lending process can be tedious, seemingly redundant and difficult to navigate or understand on your own with the myriad of ever-evolving products & pricing to choose from. My standard procedure is for us to talk for about 15 – 20 minutes so we can uncover every rate advantage you may be eligible for. Then based on that interview I will put together the best program, with the most protection and the least amount of stress that corresponds with your time frame. Does that sound fair to you?

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