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What Our Clients Are Saying

After several weeks of conflicting information from my credit union of 25 years and what seemed like being strung along without any measurable progress, I spoke with Shawn. The situation was rather complicated but he took the time to sort out the details and advise me with honest information in a very timely manner. His diligence experience and persistence worked out better than I could have expected.

Shawn was able to provide a mortgage and reduce my out-of-pocket expense to the point where rather than paying at closing, I received a check. Additionally, Shawn was able to lock my rate at the appropriate time and reduce my monthly payments by $120 from what I expected to be paying. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone looking for a mortgage financing.


Do you realize that you have been a key factor in the success of my life since 1995. You got me into a house only 1 year after bankruptcy, and my soon-to-be husband’s 3 kids were sitting on the porch steps when I drove to the house right after the closing.
Then, you got me re-financed so that I could get the youngest into college and still have enough left to put a down payment on our retirement condo in Florida. Then, you found me a mortgage broker in Florida.
Now, you have gotten me a P&S on my house in Milford (from my own realtor!), and you might end up being able to finance my buyer.


You have been great. We just refinanced with you and it went smooth. You made the process easy and answered lots of question. Most things were done electronically so it made the process quick and easy.
No sitting down for applications, no getting details, did have to scan a few things, but easy and QUICK. This is I think the 3rd time we’ve done a mortgage with you. Each time gets easier and simpler, even though the requirements get more rigorous since I live in a detached condo. Not your problem, just the nature of the beast.
Shawn, you’re great. I have highly recommend you. And when I mentioned your name at the closing the agent you use, gave you high marks as well. If you want to refinance for any reason (our last as a cash out), or need a new mortgage, Shawn is your GO TO GUY. I have known him for about 15 years as a client first, and a mortgager second.
Shawn, you rock!

-Richard & Margo

I want to give you a really heartfelt thanks, you have been just amazing throughout this entire process. I can’t say how much I appreciate your patience and assistance. I only wish that I could have taken a large chunk of my Realtor’s commission and given it to you! I would never have believed that the most helpful, patient, and responsive individual in my home-purchasing experience was going to be the mortgage guy, but you were!
Anyhow, you will be hearing from me sooner or later in the likely event that we decide to sell and purchase another home in NH. And when ever anyone I know in the area is looking to obtain financing I will not hesitate to give them your name and number!
Thanks again, Shawn!!!


Shawn was great. He always answered our calls and he always followed up with emails. He kept us in the loop right trough to the end answering questions and resolving problems before the closing. He was great!
I’m a repeat client. People do business with people they like, Shawn Harressey is a great person to work with. If he wasn’t with your organization neither would I be!


Everything went so smoothly and we couldn’t be happier! The application and approval process was a breeze thanks to Shawns team.
Shawn was amazing. He was available at all times of day, EVERY DAY, for questions, updates and advice. We wouldn’t be in our home without him and we are so thankful we had him!
We had a quick and easy closing process. Shawn answered all questions- via email, text, or phone call within minutes. I didn’t think it was possible for us to buy a home. Thank you so much for not only showing us it was possible, but also helping us every step of the way!!


Dear Shawn,
Thank you so much for your help and patience. It is because you decided to take a chance, and believe in us that we were able to keep our house. It would have literally slipped out of our grip had you not stepped into the fray.
As of February 9th, after three and a half months of unemployment, I have a job ! My commute is now about seven minutes. I got to actually come home from work before I go back out to school, and I haven’t had to take a pay cut ! I am greatly relieved.
I hope some fresh new business or a new position finds its way to you soon Shawn. Hang in there.


Thank you so much Shawn for your diligence and getting this all done so quickly. I will most definitely be referring you as sure as my wife will too, as I mentioned she is a Realtor. What a different experience this time around. So far no questions, but I will touch base if something comes up.
Again, thank you for everything


You are absolutely brilliant. Last night at 9:00 pm I finally got a call from Susan, agreeing to give me a P&S on my house.
You’re every bit as great at your job as you were advertised to be, and I for one will never forget it. You earned my loyalty a long time ago.
And yes, you’re right, you got us a rate that was lower than usual at that time too!


It’s all good…..
Your record is still unblemished! Thanks again for all your help and guidance, no way I would’ve been able to do this without your help. You were excellent!


Sorry I haven’t responded sooner…I’ve been cleaning up and painting the house…let me tell you that guy was a SLOB. Anyway let me just say I will definitely miss talking/bickering with you 6 times a day on the phone! Nick and I really appreciate all that you did for us, you really saved us. Our agent informed us that the sellers agent was ready to pull the whole deal. It was really nice knowing we had you on our side to actually get things done.
The closing went well. Wasn’t too long, and Nicks been on cloud nine since Tuesday. It will be a few weeks were trying to get the house perfect to shock all the people that doubted us (not you but you know there’s always those kinds of people) . The seller left us with 5% propane…and took the light bulbs if you can believe it ! We thought that was kinda crappy, But I guess….karma will take care of the rest.
The point is we got the house, for a pretty good deal ! Were happy. And we had the best team of realtor/mortgage guys behind us. We couldn’t say thanks enough to you, we really do appreciate ALL that you have done. I know it is frustrating guiding people who know nothing about that process through it. Before we met up with you we were told by a couple banks and mortgage guys that we were to young and to wait a few years. But you didn’t, you took us under your wing and treated us as if age and credit history didn’t mean a thing. so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making our dream finally come true.


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